The weather continues to be bad but the view is still amazing. Today Skaftafell National Park is part of the larger Vatnajoekull National Park (since 2008) and well known for a wide range of geological and natural wonders. Contrary to how it may appear looking at the last two days it is known for its sunny weather. Hah.

Skaftafelljoekull is an outcrop of the Vatnajoekull ice cap. It is notable for the its biodiversity with pine forests and alpine plants as well as the glacial floods which threaten the area regularly. As a result a wide, sandy wasteland connects the glacier to the sea, allowing for majestic views.

The glacier itself is an overwhelming presence in the whole area, the constant creaks and sounds like the breathing of a sleeping giant wherever you go. Hidden valleys dominated by waterfalls and glacial lakes invite hikers and geologist from all over the world.