PhD Project

PhD project title:

Constructing a seawater strontium isotope curve for the Neoproterozoic Era


Project description:

Currently I am a second year PhD student in the department of Earth Sciences, UCL.  My PhD study focuses on strontium isotope stratigraphy and its interpretation in Neoproterozoic Era. This study attempts firstly to reconstruct global seawater 87Sr/86Sr trends through this increase, using well-preserved carbonate rock samples from the North China craton, calibrated against additional 87Sr/86Sr and δ13C data from Neoproterozoic samples collected from other sections around the world. Sample preparation techniques for bulk carbonate Sr isotope stratigraphy are being honed during the course of this study. Other stable isotope systems (δ13C and δ18O) and trace elements, including REEs have been investigated on the same samples to help to identify pristine samples for Sr isotope analysis and help with the interpretation. Secondly, comparisons between early cements and the surrounding matrix will constrain the extent of diagenetic alteration and original mineralogy of these carbonate rocks. The final aim of this study is to determine the causes of this rise in the light of key Neoproterozoic events (e.g. Rodinia break-up, biotic evolution) with the help of modelling.

As the PhD study is part time, I am also the programme manager of the NERC research programme “Long Term Coevolution of Life and the Planet”.