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The Problem with Academic Publishing

Academic publishing is in trouble - this is not news for anyone even tangentially linked to Academia but bears repeating anyway in particular as it is becoming a topic in the mainstream press as well.  So, here the summary. Just as in all publishing, dare I say all...

Talk Rheinische Naturforschende Gesellschaft

Wie schnell erholt sich das Klima? Dienstag, 14. Februar 2023, 18:30 Uhr online über BBB Foto: Philip Pogge von Strandmann   Prof. Dr. Philip Pogge von StrandmannUniversitätsprofessor für Sedimentgeochemie, Institut für Geowissenschaften,...

The Easter Bunny was here early!

The Easter Bunny was here early!

The Easter Bunny was here Early!!!Have a look what the Easter Bunny brought a little early!Delivery of an Agilent 8900 triple quad ICP-MS. This will give us over an order of magnitude more sensitivity for concentration measurements. Funded by the DFG and JGU Mainz.