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Quantifying the link between weathering and past CO2 levels



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The only evidence we can ever get of how the Earth responds to climate system change comes from examining past periods of climate warming and cooling. This has occurred many times throughout Earth history – and each time it did, it triggered a mass extinction. 

One of the key pieces of evidence we can gain is through what processes and how quickly the climate recovered from its perturbation. This largely occurs through chemical weathering of rocks, which removes CO2 (link to other pages). 

This project is examining several key rapid climate change events that occurred during the past 55 million years, as well as more recent ice ages. Several of these are used as analogies of current and future anthropogenic climate warming. We are examining marine and continental carbonates that store an archive of chemistry we can exploit to understand of the Earth system responded and recovered.



Universities: UCL, Birkbeck

Principal Researcher: Philip Pogge von Strandmann


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Research Output

  • 90% Data collected
  • 60% collaborations
  • 20% Analysis
  • 50% Paper Output


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