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Updates, announcements, research publications and musings on communications of climate change data to the general public. 

More Sampling

Water sampling. Measuring dissolved CO2 (alkalinity) in the waters by titration in the field. A measure of how much each river is affecting the climate by removing carbon dioxide Sampling and Filtering. Again. Apparently, there was a question...

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Sampling in a old familiar area

Top of the sampled catchment: Langjökull icecap, with the remains of Ok icecap (no longer with any permanent ice) in the background.

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Hello Reykjavik

Very nice welcome at the University of Reykjavik and a well-known evening occupation. Filtering. Oh, how I have missed it....

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And another talk tonight….

Extension Lecture Series: 03 Anthropocene NOW BOOKING Thursday 22nd June 2017, 6.30PM to 8.30PM Is the Holocene over? Have we entered a new geological epoch where humans are now the strongest force acting on the Earth and its ecosystems? And if so does this change how...

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