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Updates, announcements, research publications and musings on communications of climate change data to the general public. 

Santa Cruz and Climate

Just arrived in sunny Santa Cruz for the workshop in terrestrial and coastal climates and the Palaeocene Eocene Thermal Maximum. We're looking forward to learning about the latest in climate behaviour during this period that is used as an analogy of current climate...

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Earth’s Thermostat

Earth's Thermostat Dr. Jan  Drozd Published in Popular Astronomy Jan Drozd looks at the influences on the Earth’s climate and considers why other planets’ climates in our Solar System are so different. Global warming, also known as climate...

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Wally Broecker

Professor Wallace Broecker   With great sadness we note the death of Professor Wally Broecker, the  Newberry Professor of Columbia University and the Father of Climate Science. Among his many scientific achievements was the discovery of the ocean's conveyer and...

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All Souls Conference

All Souls College, Oxford, is primarily a research institution without any undergraduate members. So, even though Philip has spent 7 years in Oxford both as an undergraduate and a postdoc he had not entered the hallowed halls prior to this...

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Not choosing academia is not a synonym of failure

As a PhD student in my final year, I find it demoralizing and frustrating to be constantly reminded of the bleak job prospects in academia. This dim outlook may well increase the pressure on students and contribute to high rates of anxiety and depression...

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